SINDA Youth Carnival 2016

SINDA Youth Carnival 2016

SINDA Youth Carnival 2016
SINDA Youth Carnival 3D Print Booth
On 30th July, our team from Printstone Private Limited has privilege to come in as one of the vendors for the SINDA Youth Carnival 2016! ( More than 200 students got together and had the opportunity to try their hands at creating artistic craft using our 3D doodler pens.
3D Workshop 3D Workshop

Some of the students that participated were pretty gifted! We were amazed by the things they managed to create!The students also had the opportunity to attend a 15 minutes 3D printing workshop to help them understand the basic of 3D printing and what the future of 3D printing could be.
3D Print 3D Print

We also had the honor to welcome Mr Baey Yam Keng, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth to our booth! We had a great time that day and would definitely love to be able to do more of these workshops in the future if the opportunity arises.
3D Print Workshop

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